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Hamara is based on the land of Terra Da Luz, on the mountain 5 minutes outside of Loulé and

20 minutes from Faro, Portugal


From Faro Airport, follow your Maps route to Hamara Retreats,


Take the N125-10, then proceed on the N125-10 and take the IC4, A22 (towards Portimão/Albufeira/Lisboa) and N396 to the R. de Portugal in Loulé. Finally, take the R. Anastácio G. Dourado to your destination - Terra Da Luz!


Tip: this last turn from R. de Portugal is quite a small, steep road to the left,

make sure you don’t miss it!


Alternatively, taxis or Ubers will take you to Hamara in under 30 minutes for around €20 or €30.

We can arrange this for you, for an additional cost.


You can rent a car through

We know, we’re in Portugal, but this is the cheapest company here as well.


Hamara Retreats

Terra da Luz

Citio Da Cabanita

Loulé Portugal

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