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Hamara retreats was founded by Anneloes and Marjolijn.


Two Dutch women with a background in design & hospitality.

We’ve always been up for adventures - traveling the world, finding spiritual growth and connecting with strangers.

Following our hospitality hearts, we’ve wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing spot for people to fully relax and be themselves. A mix of great food, calm moments in nature, the possibility to look at yourself with a new perspective and sharing that freedom with likeminded people.

Hamara is rooted in Loulé, Portugal.

A place where people can come to connect, share, experience, alleviate, learn, teach, unfold, meditate, unwind, gather and grow.

During the full moon, Marjolijn and Anneloes held a cacao ceremony and breathwork session in the Yoga Shala together. Imagination ran wild. What if we could organise these kinds of nights with more people joining? Develop a place for people to gather and grow, dance the night away and watch the stars together? Sharing soulful experiences, unwinding as a group.

By realising Hamara retreats, our dream has become even more vivid.

We’re free, we’re connected, we’re home.



Anneloes & Marjolijn


She currently lives in the Netherlands and considers Terra da Luz her second home. She has been traveling the world for many years, seeking for new adventures, but when she first visited Terra Da Luz, her dream fell into place.

Marjolijn is a person of many creative interests - she loves cooking, creating, gardening and giving energetic massages.


She is driven to make things beautiful while creating memorable experiences. Whether that’s by means of her warm appearance, or by creating a cozy atmosphere. Making people feel comfortable comes natural to her.


That includes her passion for food: cooking delicious, colourful and nourishing vegetarian meals at retreats is when she shines her light.

Creating beautiful dishes as a form of love is Marjolijn’s description of heaven.

Get inspired by her food

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Anneloes has been travelling the world since she was seventeen. As a true producer, she’s always making sure things align behind the scenes.


In 2020, Anneloes moved to Portugal with a dream in mind, living off grid in the mountains, with her own veggie garden. This dream fully developed at Terra da Luz.


Within Hamara, Anneloes is fulfilling her love for organising and making people feel relaxed. Anneloes is always seeking to master new skills. Discovering she’s a great gardener, she’s fascinated with the cultivation of plants, herbs and flowers. She is slowly sculpting the land into a picturesque paradise.


While traveling in Japan, she fell in love with the fabulous art of Kintsugi. And that’s not all! Currently, she is diving headfirst into the process of making kombucha and natural cosmetics.

With her hands in the soil and a head filled with attention to personal details and aesthetic beauty, she hopes to pass on her crafts during workshops at Hamara.


Let's Co-Create

Interested in organising a retreat with us?

We’re always up for anything creative, spiritual, artistic, acrobatic or musical.

Get in touch so we can create magic together.

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